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07 September 2022

Whitfords Parks have been brightened up with incredible public artworks commissioned by the Water Corporation. 

In April 2021, I was contacted by local residents who had concerns around Water Corporation pumping stations that were routinely the targets of ugly and offensive graffiti. 

Ward Councillor Chris May from the City of Joondalup also contacted me to discuss the issue. 

The pump stations had been painted dark olive green to try and dissuade the graffiti but measures hadn't stopped the antisocial behaviour. 

I raised the issue with Water Minister Dave Kelly to let him know that these sites would be an ideal project for the Water Corporation's Splash of Colour program. 

This year, the Water Corporation commissioned the incredible Kallaroo-based artist Michael Hartley to work with students from Padbury Primary School to design the murals. 

One of the murals even includes a tree frog - the emblem of Padbury Primary School!

I'd like to thank Kallaroo residents for getting in touch last year and the Water Corporation's amazing work to beautify our local parks. 

If you identify other opportunities to brighten up our community, please don't hesitate to get in touch.