Firearms Reform

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06 February 2023

The Western Australian State Government will embark on a major modernisation of the now 50-year-old Firearms Act 1973. 

The priority will be to improve community safety while ensuring responsible gun ownership is retained. 

In 2022 twenty Western Australians were shot dead.

A further 122 individuals were reported to WA Police due to concerns around their capacity to hold a gun license due to medical grounds. It's time to do more on protection from guns. 

Introducing compulsory mental health screening for firearm owners increases the chance of identifying someone who should not be granted access to a firearm for safety reasons.  It also decreases the chance of that person doing harm to themselves or others.

The State Government has concluded an initial round of community consultation with WA farmers, victims of firearm violence and the medical community. The proposal met strong support. 

Additional measures include ensuring our laws keep up with 3D printing, developing Firearm Prohibition Orders and measures to empower WA Police Force in their work stopping organised crime. 

I'm very keen to hear your thoughts on reform - let me know your ideas on how we can do more to protect Western Australians from gun violence.