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12 May 2022

Hillarys household’s are big winners in the WA 2022 State Budget.
Some of the highlights include: 
• $400 Household Electricity Credit to every WA household, supporting Western Australians with cost of living
• Biggest ever investment in WA public health system, with a further record $2.5 billion investment in health and mental health including $252 million to improve access to emergency care and help address systemic causes of ambulance ramping

The McGowan Labor Government’s 2022-23 State Budget has been delivered, including funding for a range of projects and initiatives to benefit Hillarys.
The budget includes a one-off $400 credit for all WA households on their residential electricity bill, providing the average household with months of bill relief and helping families to manage the costs of living.


The McGowan Labor Government is delivering the biggest ever investment in the WA public health system, with a further record $2.5 billion investment in health and mental health. This brings the total new investment to $5.7 billion since the last budget.

The 2022-23 Budget includes:
• $1.6 billion in new COVID-19 response and recovery measures to keep WA safe, including $635 million to secure RATs and run the WA Free RAT Program
• $252 million Emergency Department Reform Package to improve access to emergency care and help address systemic causes of ambulance ramping
• $181 million additional investments in mental health
• Delivered 342 new beds with a total of 530 beds to be delivered by the end of the year
• Further initiatives to boost our heath care workforce, building on increases of 15.6 per cent to the WA Health Workforce over the two years to March 2022 (which included an additional 1,456 nursing and 512 medical FTE - principally doctors)
• $2.5 million towards the development of a business case to inform options for the proposed WA Comprehensive Cancer Centre.

Community Safety

We’re using our strong budget position to invest in local initiatives that support safe, strong and fair communities - no matter where you live. The budget includes:
• An additional $16.4 million to support the extra 950 new police officers being employed over the next four years, as part of our work to boost overall officer numbers by 15%
• $408 million of additional funding towards housing and homelessness measures
• $67 million increase for emergency services to keep Western Australians safe
• $34.4 million for a range of family and domestic violence prevention and support measures
• $114 million to boost child protection and support services to help keep WA children safe
• $118 million for road safety initiatives and programs
• $19.7 million to construct an Aboriginal Short Stay Accommodation facility in the Perth metropolitan area


The McGowan Labor Government continues to invest in local schools to ensure all WA students have the best possible opportunities to learn. We’re increasing education funding in the 2022-23 State Budget, delivering a total of almost $6 billion for Western Australian schools.

In this year’s State Budget, WA students will benefit from $595 million in new and upgraded school facilities throughout WA:
• $32.3 million upgrades at Duncraig Senior High School to build additional permanent capacity for 550  students and specialist facilities, including new STEM classrooms
• $15 million redevelopment of Springfield Primary School
• $13.9 million upgrades to Greenwood College, including a new sports hall and a new STEM classroom
• $7 million upgrades at Warwick Senior High School, including a new performing arts centre and new STEM classroom

We are also delivering:
• $54.6 million increase in support for students with disabilities and additional learning needs across WA
• $42.5 million across WA for COVID-19 measures in schools, supporting the continuation of enhanced cleaning programs in public schools, and maintaining mask and personal protective equipment supplies and Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) distribution for all schools
• $2.5 million to support phonics skill development for Year 1 students across WA
• An additional $33.8 million in funding towards maintenance upgrades to improve public schools


The McGowan Labor Government is providing more targeted training opportunities for Western Australians to take up quality jobs. We continue to deliver our Lower fees, local skills initiative to keep TAFE fees low and annual fee caps across 210 high priority courses.

The $76.5 million in training initiatives in the 2022-23 State Budget includes:
• $38.4 million additional funding for Lower fees, local skills initiative
• $14.3 million to support training in WA’s in-demand construction industry
• $11 million boost for defence industry’s workforce
• $5.5 million to help mature-aged jobseekers and ex-offenders into jobs
• $2.4 million to attract international students to the regions to help address skills shortages

The McGowan Government also continues to rollout the biggest TAFE capital works program in WA history, with $216 million committed to deliver state-of-the-art facilities providing high-quality, industry-relevant training across the State.


We’re delivering METRONET with a record $6 billion allocated over the next four years across a further 13 projects. In 2022-23 METRONET milestones will include:

• Commencement of major construction on the Greenwood Station Multi Storey Car Park
• the ‘WA-made’ C-series train rolling out of the Bellevue Railcar Manufacturing and Assembly Facility for testing on the network

The 2022-23 Budget also includes funding to continue delivering projects currently underway,
• Mitchell Freeway Extension (Hester Avenue to Romeo Road)
• Mitchell Freeway widening southbound from Hodges Drive to Hepburn Avenue
• Transforming (SMART) Freeways - Mitchell Freeway corridor

We have delivered more than 150 kilometres of high-quality shared pathways for walking and cycling across WA, with further investment in the 2022-23 State Budget including:
• $47 million to further expand local bicycle infrastructure through the Western Australian Bicycle Network (WABN) Grants Program and other projects
• $62 million to continue to the Principal Shared Path (PSP) Expansion Program
• $46 million to deliver riding and walking facilities as part of major infrastructure projects including Mitchell Freeway projects (Hodges to Hepburn, Cedric to Vincent and Stephenson Avenue)
• $157 million through the Perth City Deal to deliver transformational active transport projects including the Causeway Pedestrian and Cyclist Bridge

Climate Action

The McGowan Labor Government is setting up WA for a prosperous low-carbon future. We’re delivering more funding for initiatives that protect our environment and respond to climate change, including:
• $500 million boost to Climate Action Fund taking the total to $1.25 billion
• $22.6 million for new charging infrastructure to expand WA’s electric vehicle recharging network
• $36.5 million to provide 10,000 rebates of $3,500 to Western Australians that buy a new electric or hydrogen fuel cell vehicle up to a value of $70,000

WA's strong financial position will be used to invest in our future and ensure even more positive economic indicators in the years ahead.